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25ft Halloween Crypt Water/Foam Play Station-Glow


Does your company specialize in providing memorable events for schools, communities, and corporate parties? Large HALLOWEEN parties and events?

If so, this GIANT 25ft Halloween Crypt will set you apart from your competitors and be the focal point of any SPOOKY Halloween event.

This is a water & foam “play” station THAT GLOWS.  It has a misting system pre-installed on the inside & outside of the unit that can be used on warm days to keep the participants cool. Not only that, this unit features a custom “pocket” built into the top of the Crypt that houses either a Foam Machine, or a FOG machine.  If using as a Foam Machine, you would blow FOAM down from the top center into the play area for participants to frolic and play in! (foam machine and accessories are not included).  If using a FOG machine, you would mount the FOG Machine at the same location with the output facing downward to blow the FOG down into the spooky Crypt.  In addition, this unit features our NEW GLOW Vinyl and Artwork inside of the unit that can be “lit up” using black lighting (not included).  The unit features D-Rings and Velcro strapping along the inside top edge to hold lighting, and other accessories.  (Suggestion: if using at night, you can also set up spot lights shining up from the bottom exterior walls to further enhance the experience and look.)

How do each of these feature’s work:

The Misting System is pre-installed around the entire top edge/ring of the Crypt to provide a fine cooling mist to the participants and attendants below – both inside and outside of the unit.

Inside, this unit features our NEW Glow Vinyl, and artwork decorating the interior features of this Crypt. This GLOW will require the use of “black light” rope lighting to be installed using the pre-installed strapping inside of the unit. (Black lighting not included.  Can be sourced on Amazon.)

There is a built-in pocket at the top to hold a small Foam Machine (designed to fit the 13” diameter “E-Machine” from Partymachines.com).  Possible other manufacturer foam machines could work if they are 13” diameter and function the same way.  Have not sourced or have recommendation for “FOG Machine” at this time.

This 25ft Halloween Crypt Water/Foam Play Station is designed and intended as an event type piece that would be the center attraction for people to gather and keep cool while also having the ability to play in the foam if they wish.  There is no inflated floor inside the unit (as it is NOT a bounce house), so schools and other events that do not allow inflated floors at their events could approve it.  This would be the perfect addition to any Halloween or Trick-or-Treat experience….

  • Game Information
  • Blowers: 1-2.0+HP
  • Inflated Dimensions: 17' L X 17' W X 25' H
  • Deflated Dimensions: 62" L X 43" W X 43" H
  • Weight: 453 lbs
  • Tie Down Rings: 11
  • Tie Down Ropes: 4

A representative will reach out after your purchase to determine shipping costs.

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