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Leisure Activities TRANSWORLD SHOW SALE is now active!


Even though this show focuses on Halloween & Christmas items, our SALE will include ALL ITEMS & ACCESSORIES (just as we do with the IAAPA Sale).


This SALE is simplified into TWO DIFFERENT Sales Tiers:


Tier 1:  Purchases up to $20,000 will receive 5% DISCOUNT off your total order.

Tier 2:  Purchases greater than $20,000 will receive 7% DISCOUNT off your total order.

Click here for Show Catalogue: LEISURE ACTIVITIES 2024 TransWorld Show Catalogue

OPTIONAL additional discount of 2.5% for payments made using Bank Wire, ZELLE, Check or Cash payments.


20% deposit required to secure your purchases.  This sale is good for IN STOCK units, as well as future arriving units.


This sale BEGINS on Friday, March 1st and will END on Friday, March 29th, 2024.


TO PLACE YOUR ORDER:  Call 727-417-7128, 727-203-4538 or 727-318-7174

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