Warehouse Pre-Inspection Policy

Leisure Activities Game Inspections:

If you require, or request that an inflatable game is opened at our Florida Warehouse so that you can inspect it prior to purchase, we have the following procedures and charges in place:


*    We will require that you provide at least (1) person that can assist in unrolling the inflatable, and also assist with re-rolling the inflatable & placing it back in the shipping bag.


*    We require a $100 down payment deposit PRIOR to unrolling any inflatable at our Florida Warehouse location.  After your inspection, if you follow through with purchasing the inflatable - we will credit the $100 towards your order Balance.  However, after your inspection you decide you do not wish to purchase the inflatable, $50 of the down payment deposit will be paid to Leisure Activities (labor and warehouse expense) - while the remaining $50 will be placed on "credit" towards your future order with Leisure Activities.


Thank you for all of your support and your continued business.


Leisure Activities Team

Company Disclaimers:
* Blowers sold separately.
* Colors shown not guaranteed.
* Due to constant development,game designs are subject to change without notice.
* All game dimensions and weights are approximate and may differ from time to time.
* Leisure Activities USA LLC will not be responsible for any additional charges for freight over what may
   have been quoted at the time of placing the order, or at the time of shipping the order.
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